Get To Know Us

Living Wall Concepts is the growing leader in Interior Landscaping in Toronto, and custom Modular Living Walls in the GTA and Ontario. We supply professional Interior Landscaping including office plants with guaranteed maintenance, custom made modular Living Walls and permanent fixed Living Walls for Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Retail, or private clients. All custom Living Walls are completely hydroponic, meaning there is no soil, so the tropical plants grow in a felt product made from recycled P.E.T.

Most people do not see the effort corporations take to help lessen their carbon footprint or environmental impact on the community. Using LED lights, high efficiency HVAC systems and water conservation goes unnoticed. TPC helps put a "Green" face to an organization that strides to be a better company by implementing Living Walls and providing the concrete jungle with a tropical oasis, while maintaining the client's professional look and flow of their space. All our living walls are completely recyclable and can gain Leed credits depending on the installation chosen.

Why Choose Us

Our living walls can assist with Sick Building Syndrome. SBS can be attributed to inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants from indoor or outdoor sources, as well as biological contaminants. Many volatile organic compounds, which are considered chemical contaminants like CFC’s from printers and other office devices, can cause acute effects on the occupants of a building. Bacteria, molds, and viruses are types of biological contaminants, and can all cause SBS.

In addition, pollution from outdoors such as motor vehicle exhaust, and general air pollution can contribute to SBS. Our Living Walls help counteract this by acting as a type of “Bio Filter” to catch these impurities and clean the air in the location of our walls leaving clients and employees a healthier work environment.